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LSCI is a non-invasive technique to measure blood perfusion. The method that visualizes tissue blood perfusion in real time. The system uses an invisible 785 nm laser beam that is spread over the surface of the skin by a diffuser, creating a speckle pattern formed by random interference in the backscattered light from the area illuminated by the laser. Blood perfusion is calculated by analyzing the variation in the speckle pattern. The speckle pattern is recorded in real time at a rate of up to 100 images per second, with a resolution of 100 μm/pixel.Laser Speckle Imaging

MoorFLPI-2 blood flow imager

This instrument is located at the Department of Ophthalmology in Lund and is managed by Malin Malmsjö

PeriCam PSI NR blood perfusion imager

This instrument is located at the St. Erik Eye Hospital in Stockholm and is managed by Malin Malmsjö and PI in Stockholm is Elin Bohman.

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